Fewer Gerbils, More Blue

Gemma’s had a bit of a wash-and-blow-dry:

We liked Gemma’s strong branding, and the brown/orange colour theme we used during internal development (a taste of which is on the “coming soon” page) was certainly striking. But perhaps we have a few too many animals at CASA – there’s Rodger the giraffe for SurveyMapper, the goldfish in Tales of Things, and the woolly mammoth in QRator. So Gemma the gerbil has a lower profile now – you’ll still see her when you first visit the website, and get a pop-up welcoming you to the site. The bar at the top is now aquamarine blue, with orange highlighting – this blends with the look and feel of the JQueryUI-powered dialog boxes on the website, and is similar to the look of CASA’s well-designed and inviting SurveyMapper website – the clouds are from there too.

In terms of the core development, the last few features are being polished and the code and design is being tided up, ready for the feature-freeze at the end of the month. We are moving into the bug-squashing and foolproof-testing stage – not so glamorous as the blue-sky coding but just as important for a finished product. We hope to have a public beta available soon.


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